Owners page
Thank you all for loving our Russells!
2009 "George" 
owned by Chad
Highland Glen Birdie
owned  by Laura Bell
(retired from our breeding program)
Highland Glen Heaven
owned by the Chronister family
thank you Viktoria & Patti
Highland Glen Sammy owned by Marcy Koch
Highland Glen Lizzie Owned by
Joan Williams at Little Oatlands with her brother Darcy 
"Pounce" owned by Jack Stein.  Pounce was named in the Top Ten dogs in Washington, DC!
The famous "Bump" of Middleburg...owned by Kathy
"Lady Beatrice"
loving owned by my granddaughter "Brianna"
This page is a project in progress.  I would love to hear from all of you and have some updated pictures.  I'm searching my own files from 2 computers...please be patient with me, and I hope to hear from you all soon!
Highland Glen Gyro
out of Cumbreck Maybelline
"Gyro is very sweet, could potentially be a couch potato"
Now owned by Ron Trust
Highland Glen Baxter
out of Highland Glen Rosalee/Male/Broken or Rough coat
"Baxter is not only handsome, he's a very bright puppy and will be a joy to own!
SOLD to the Walter's family
Highland Glen I'm Crusin'
out of Highland Glen Rosalee
"Cruisin' is very sweet, bright and has a great attitude"

SOLD to Jennifer Stevens and Family, Williamsburg, VA
AKC puppies
Highland Glen Jax Just Cruisin'
out of Cumbreck Maybelline
Cruisin' is looking better everyday!
He catches my eye everyday, and he has loads of presence and attitude with great movement.  Rough coat/male.
Show prospect
to Dr. Geoffrey D. Young &
Jerrod Sharp
Jacksonville, FL
Highland Glen Kati
out of Cumbreck Maybelline
Show home only
Female/Broken coated tri-color
"loaded with attitude, and a beautiful mover.
Almost 9 weeks.
Show Prospect
Co-Owned with Chad, Coage and Michael Long, Columbus, Ohio